Mar Menor Trophy / The Place

 The Place

La Manga, it is the tourist icon par excellence, has been for decades a high place for the lovers of white sand and its crystalline waters.

This paradise still offers places to discover the large number of visitors each year, surprises and isolated places.

In La Manga you can swim in two seas.

The Manga geographic configuration and one of the symbols that best identifies the coast of Murcia as a tourist resort: a long stretch 24 km stretches between Cabo de Palos and Punta del Mojón, which imposes natural boundaries on the saltwater lagoon Known as Mar Menor.

Originally, what is now known as La Manga was an open bay of the Mediterranean; At their ends, rocks of volcanic rocks acted as brakes and sediments transported by sea currents, to form a sand dunes and to the column and wild vegetation of vast beaches bathed two seas, the Mediterranean and Menor .

The Manga is a narrow strip of land whose width varies between 200 and 1 means km and m. It is cut by natural channels which maintain contact between the two seas; Golas calls allow entry into the Mediterranean water in the lagoon. La Manga is designed to allow visitors to stay more enjoyable.

A full hotel endowment with a network of establishments with the highest rating, located at strategic points, residential complex apartments, marinas, sailing schools, recreation centers, supermarkets, Shops, bars, nightclubs … everything you need for complete vacation search.

In winter and in the fall, La Manga continues to operate, as its population is constant throughout the year. Winter is ideal for those seeking tranquility, providing infrastructure and necessary services.

By its own condition of enclave between two seas, La Manga is also an ideal place for the practice of sports related to nautical.

In the Mediterranean you will enjoy those who prefer a strong wave to practice other water sports; In addition, the whole coast offers a series of optimally and perfectly defined zones for the practice of diving, such as Cabo de Palos and rocky depths next to Isla Grosa.

In addition, those who come to La Manga can enjoy all the advantages it offers, a set of nautical, sports and tourist infrastructures, hotels and accommodation and training and leisure establishments grouped together in a common space: the entire Ribera del Mar Menor and La Sleeve.

The exceptional weather conditions of the area -315 days of sun a year and 18 ° C of average annual temperature are ideal for the continuous practice of nautical and terrestrial activities.