Mediterraneo Trophy – Football Tournament – Schedule


Sunday, 28h-June-2020

Clubs’ arrival to the meeting point

Tournament information

Monday, 29st-July-2020

Presentation and line-up of all the participants in the ground,

accompanied by a music band, where the opening match will be played.

•Tournament development.

At 10.00 p.m., presentation of the trophies and guides, a welcome

cocktail with a gift from  for all the participating club leaders

Tuesday, 30nd-July-2020

Tournament development.

Wednesday, 01rd-July-2020

Tournament development.

Thursday, 02th-July-2020


Friday, 03th-July-2020

All categories finals

Trophies and Medals award.

Saturday, 04th-July-2020

Free day

Clubs’ departure.